13 x 7 = 91

13 x 7 = 91. That’s the other side of the coin of my 13 x 7 = 28 post. I didn’t fail. I made the best decisions I could in the time I had with the resources available to me. I conducted triage. I frequently remind my clients that triage is a critical skill. Even rant a bit. The details about which coins I was pinching for why are irrelevant. I’m writing this post today to say “Wow, anyone can fall into the self-criticism trap.” Everyone can second-third- and fifth-guess themselves. Only by the merest chance of my training, I have some insight into the causes of, and defenses against, self-blame and self-doubt. And nonetheless, I rattled negativity off as easily as I chant the alphabet. And, just for a warped perspective, remember it’s not always easy to chant the alphabet for someone with a specific learning disability like dyslexia. Sunflower and Butterfly


And so, a reminder, an admonishment, a plea. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Lauren



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