A Little Less of Everything – Sandra van der Lee

Sandra van der Lee fervently wants us to complain, or feel awful, or take a day off when we think we need to, and David Chislett agreed while they chatted during their 2021 Playful Creative Summit conversation. And then get back to business, only ease back into it with a task you enjoy first. Ultimately, you can’t ignore doing the taxes, but you can get yourself ready first. She reminded me of Brene Brown’s “piss and moan with perspective” attitude – we’re human, we get to acknowledge our frailty.


So how do you leap to “A Little Less of Everything”? We can’t always answer an email immediately. We can’t do all the work ourselves – what can we outsource, what can we automate? She and David were focused on entrepreneurs – mechanize Facebook ads, outsource your bookkeeping – readers, you know my joy when I did that…


I’m going to encourage you to think beyond business. Ease yourself into doing the dishes if you loathe that drudgery by doing the laundry first if you like the warmth coming off a dryer – OK, yes, I like laundry day. Don’t do the dishes for a day if you can get away with it! Ya don’t want to see my sink sometimes. Find balance.

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