A Spoon and a Ping Pong Ball

Geoff McLachlan, Professionals at Play, has Dutch Bros as a client. Geoff is my son’s hero: I think my son swims in all versions OG Gummybear. And, another 2021 Playful Creative Summit community member, Geoff conversed with David Chislett on The Power of Play.

I’m quoting Geoff: “Work hard, play fair, be kind.” Why play in particular? For every benefit from its release of beneficial neurochemicals in our body to its capacity to encourage connection. How? Because play helps us smile, laugh, imagine, and minimize differences to equalize our classmates, teammates, colleagues, friends, neighbors and family. There are multiple other values, the full list takes pages.

And of course play isn’t easily defined or “accomplished” because there are many different forms of play. And of course play isn’t entirely playful, because it’s best accomplished as a practice. Play once – wonderful. Play a little bit every single day, SO MUCH BETTER. But it’ll never be a chore. Quoting Geoff again: “You can have so much fun with a spoon and a ping pong ball. You wouldn’t believe the mayhem that you can cause with those tools.”

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