The Organizer on the Road Show

I have a portable demonstration of an organizing session, to let anyone get familiar


and comfortable with the process. It's a bag of items my clients and I often encounter in our sessions. The "Organizer on the Road Show" is practical, educational and great fun. I have an excellent sense of humor, and I get my audience to laugh AND teach them some tips to help them deal with their stuff. Attendees

learn organizing techniques, gain access to various reliable and qualified contractors, and are offered specialized instructional material I have compiled from numerous sources on an assortment of topics from "where do I donate___?" to "how do I decide how much is too much?" Please call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at to discuss options.

Hoarding Disorder for Laypeople

hoarded roomI offer an introduction to hoarding disorder for laypeople, not medical or support professionals. It is excellent meal-and-learn or Hot Topic material by Zoom, or in-person if I'm in driving distance. I'm also delighted to develop this into a CE-eligible unit with guidance. The materials are customized by profession, and by location as possible. Please call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at to discuss options.

Train the Trainer

I also provide Train the Trainer sessions, demonstrating basic organizing principles and teaching techniques to on-site helping professionals such as social workers, housing managers and case workers who can then transfer those skills to clients. These are also materials I am willing to develop into CE-eligible items with guidance. Please call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at to discuss options.

Casual Uncluttering LLC James Lott Jr The SOS Show


My interview on The SOS Show with James Lott Jr. is live! Follow this link to listen to this free-roaming conversation about my training, my emotional connection to Professional Organizing, my clients and much much more. I'm very proud of it.