Address to Die For – author Mary Feliz

Address to Die For is the first in a series of  Professional-Organizer-as-amateur-sleuth novels. My favorite genre is mysteries. My wildly quirky taste lets me enjoy everything from Rex Stout to Ngaio Marsh to Dorothy Sayers to Leslie Charteris to Mary Wings to Ellis Peters. This book was a little long – I’m not giving away anything to claim that the editors could have cut out an incident or two without causing even the slightest harm to the plot or character development. OK, I’ve just started with something negative to pretend to be objective and unbiased. I LOVED THIS BOOK. If our heroine, Maggie McDonald, hadn’t been a Professional Organizer, I would still have LOVED this book. Ms. Feliz does a great job of illustrating a full cast of nicely-rounded-out characters, in a first-person voice, which isn’t easy. I didn’t figure out the whodunit in the first chapter, which is often easy. And Ms. Feliz likes animals! And she’s got gay main characters. And for me personally, the fact that it’s set in Silicon Valley territory (which I didn’t know until I started turning the pages) is just whip cream and hot fudge sauce on the ice cream – I spent a wonderful year in that area a LOOOONG time ago. Ms. Feliz even did us “real” Organizers the tremendous courtesy of joining NAPO to get the details right. I wanna get this lady onto the NY Times Best Sellers List. Ms. Feliz belongs to this professional society as well!Mystery Writers of America logo

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