Age in Place by Lynda G. Shrager – MUST-READ

I’m preparing for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) Level II Aging Specialist Certificate. I found Age in Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing, and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home by Lynda G. Shrager while I was looking for another book entirely. That was my momentous good fortune. I think so highly of this book I’ve recommended that ICD add it to the required reading list for the Level II Aging Specialist Certificate.


Ms. Shrager has written a minutely thorough, space-by-space, piece of everyday-equipment by piece of everyday- equipment guide to understanding and structuring homes to allow people to stay safe as they age in their residences.  She’s written it in simple, precise language, with illustrations for the harder-to-visualize concepts. Her gentle sense of humor also breaks the tension a reader might feel as s/he studies this book: while Ms. Shrager offers solutions to common problems, the worry caused by the problems is real nonetheless! Ms. Shrager is also keenly aware of the financial constraints often experienced by Seniors, and she conscientiously attempts to generate low-cost options to resolve issues whenever possible.


I strongly recommend this book to anyone caring for an Elder who is aging in place, and for anyone who, as s/he finds himself “Ain’t 20 no more,” might want to proactively prepare for graceful transitions. Read it through three times. First time just read it cover to cover, to get a beginning awareness of the ideas. Second time, have a pad and pen in hand, to jot down your thoughts as you see something that sounds plausible to you in your own or your loved one’s house. Third time, use the carefully-constructed “Focusheets” Ms. Shrager provides during an actual tour of the home under examination, book in hand to further conversation.


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