All the Reasons

You finish moving in to the new apartment, you adopt two kittens.

You release the leftovers from your dog who’s crossed the rainbow bridge, you rescue a pittie.

You go through the closets, you find the string of pearls from your Grandpa.

You return your stuff to your bedroom, you return your son’s bedroom to him.

You clear the floor, the mice move out.

You find the right cabinets for the pots and pans, you start cooking again.

You figure out where you want to keep your school books, your homework gets done.

You reduce the piles in the spare room, you give the toddler his play space.

You let go of the out-of-date paperwork, you turn the downstairs into a rental apartment.

You design storage for the brushes and paper and paint, you start drawing again.


These are just a few of the reasons why my clients have worked with me. Keep your reasons close to mind as you consider working with an Organizer, or as you start the partnership, or as you are months into the effort. It’s worth it.








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