Anne Vries – How does one dare to birth an idea into the world?

Anne Vries, Idéfix, asked “How does one dare to birth an idea into the world?” for her conversation with Alyea Sandovar during the 2020 Playful Creative Summit (I’m linking to 2021; 2020 is now private.). Start simply, start by making the smallest possible version of your thought as you can. Find community for support and resources and feedback, community which can be in-person, online or something in-between. Recognize that you may need to navigate between being (too) comfortable and (just) scared and challenged enough when you ask yourself “Can I really do this?”. Be playful, learn to focus on the step-by-step creative, improvisational process, but not necessarily with “planning” so much as “doing” and testing boundaries. Deny the nonsense that you aren’t creative: we are all born creative and we can all imagine our futures. It’s as we feel an increasingly urgent longing for a different future that we may (finally) launch an idea. Don’t categorize creativity – music doesn’t have more value than art which doesn’t have more value than creative writing which doesn’t have more value than software development… All creativity is real. Bruce Honig, in his 2021 Summit conversation, views a child who is learning to walk as creative.

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