Anthony Trahair – Realise Your Potential Through Play

Anthony Trahair, another 2021 Playful Creative Summit contributor, offered Realise Your Potential Through Play in conversation with David Chislett. Trahair moved into play through a serendipitous introduction to juggling as he studied chemistry in his undergraduate days. He was in awe of his juggler roommate and the roommate’s juggler friends. Picked up three of their balls one day, and tried until he succeeded. His surprise and joy at realizing he could do it, he wasn’t uncoordinated, he could be sporty, he could do ANYTHING, propelled him into the Accademia Dimitri, a highly prestigious, Swiss, clown and physical theatre school. Trahair has been a street performer in Rome, a yoga instructor for two-year-old kids, a life coach.


His adventures lead him to understand that people need certainty, control and security but also variety, and finding sources for both is crucial. Finding humor within ourselves isn’t easy, but playfulness takes us away from rigidity and boredom and encourages curiosity. Variety, especially using playfulness, even silliness, brings us into contact with our humanity, connecting people. Anything can be inspiration for play: a cat, trees, children, small acts of kindness. It becomes a gift which allows us to listen to each other, in business meetings or any other environment.

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