Artfully Organized – Dayton Street Plaza Pocket Park in Edmonds WA

“Fibonacci?” by Darlene McLellan

Edmonds WA’s second pocket park, Dayton Street Plaza, dedicated April 5, 2017 according to “Don’t blink – you might miss Edmonds’ newest petite park” in the March 30 edition of the Edmonds Beacon, is exquisite.

The photo above is one image of some of the artwork. Pocket parks, also known as mini-parks, parkettes, vest-pocket parks or vesty parks (I bet it depends ALOT on which country they’re in!) are wonderful oases.  They are particularly prized in urban settings, where they may be the only possible option for a quiet talk or a place for a few minutes of yoga. I still remember my favorites in NYC, and I delight in finding new ones elsewhere.

And they appeal to me because they are ORGANIZED!!! Every last inch has a use, has been carefully considered and planned, and is maintained with goals in mind. It’s an Organizer’s Happy Place.

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