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Aurora Commons isn’t a coffee house, except…”


The People’s Kitchen project empowers and dignifies members of our community by providing adequate food supplies, a clean and sterile cooking environment, and access to a fully stocked kitchen, ensuring that all people at the Commons are able to prepare, cook, and share food with one another on a daily basis.


It’s not a hospital, except… ”


Thanks to a collaborative effort with Puget Sound Christian Clinic and Bethany Community Church, we are able to provide free foot and wound care twice a month to our Aurora neighbors… and

S.H.E. Clinic


At S.H.E. Clinic, we believe everybody needs to be reminded of their goodness. That’s why our purpose is to provide kind, quality, non-judgmental health care to women on Aurora Avenue—to remind them that they are good through helping them care for their bodies.

Everything we do is driven by the women we serve. We empower them to define what they need, and then we provide a beautiful, safe, trauma-informed space to meet those needs. Our roster of trusting female-identified providers empathize with the fear and shame that’s often felt by the women at the Commons, and aim to create a community that helps heal those feelings.”


It’s not a counseling center, except…”


We offer women’s-only programming twice a week.  We provide educational and harm reduction materials, connections to various organizations and resources around Seattle, and a kind, non-judgmental space for women to rest and be known.  The Aurora Commons offers the only drop-in space on North Aurora directly serving women who are commercially sexually exploited, many of whom are drug dependent.  We have developed relationships with over 135 women who work along Aurora.  Aurora Commons is part of the CEASE Network and a part of the Adult Survivor’s Collaborative with OPS, REST, and the YWCA.


Healing Arts

Art is one of the ways the Aurora Commons loves this world, the community, the neighbor, and the self. Our art therapy program strives to offer a kind and supportive space for people to create, grow, and dive deep into their hearts. The Aurora Commons provides all the supplies and the space needed to create.  Our art groups have focused on fear, on hope, and on the internal struggle we all face. We offer space for those among of us who are uniquely gifted to teach a class in their area of interest, such as making dream-catchers, beading, drawing, and writing. Aurora Commons art classes focus on performance art, self-portraits, drumming, body work, and all types of visual art.”


Aurora Commons is safe haven.  It needs art supplies, clothing, wound care kits, tableware, sleeping bags and much much more. It publishes the full list on its website, and has a link to an Amazon wishlist.

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