Competition ain’t playful

Competition ain’t playful – it can be healthy, if it’s goal-oriented. BUT… don’t confuse competition with play, actively engaging in relaxing, mindless, unstructured, “timeless” and/or energizing pastimes without any purpose other than having fun. Which, by the way, seriously promotes creativity, productivity, and health. Our need for play, our instinct for playfulness, is as fundamental…

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Judging Words

I teach what I call “thoughtful release” when I guide people in making their keep/let go decisions about their stuff. One of my mentors pointed out that “thoughtful” has several definitions, all appropriate in regard to organizing (Oxford English Dictionary, via Google): “absorbed in or involving thought,” “showing consideration for the needs of other people,”…

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PlayfulFest – OH WOW, there are Playfulness Festivals

PlayfulFest is one, which has deep connections to a clown festival! I can’t describe PlayfulFest accurately. Its 2020 website details classes in playfulness as active meditation, musical games, clown cabaret, creative movement and so much more. Saras Feijoo, the Festival’s Founder, is a playfulness mindset coach and strategist – she teaches her clients to incorporate…

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Juan David Garzon

I’d never thought of music as “play” until I listened to Juan David Garzon’s 2021 Playful Creative Summit presentation “Collective Creativity Sparks Motivation.” Which surprised me, because I can remember being a little kid, banging away on pots and pans and anything else I could turn into a noisemaker and having a grand time at…

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Trusting Trusted Sources


My son and I are mushes for all sorts of animals. If we can ever manage it, we want to keep a paludarium, who knows what other kinds of reptiles, goats, cats, dogs, and capybara. We’re currently rescuing an abandoned hobby of fishkeeping. And we both support animal rescue agencies in various ways. On to…

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Press Start Academy Hong Kong

How to explain Press Start Academy Hong Kong, another company I’ve “met” through the 2021 Playful Creative Summit? I’m not sure, because it does a lot of a lot of many things. Among other specialties, it produces play-based educational modules for kids aged 4 – 16; customized game-based employee recruitment tools; and customized gamified employee…

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Sticker Askew

If you look closely at the photo  in this post, you’ll notice that the pretty little sticker I picked up at Seattle ReCreative is off-center relative to the hole punched in it. That neat little puncture shudda been squarely in the intersection of all those cute little squiggles forming the K. No, I didn’t pick…

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VUCA is a four-letter word

colorful tangled ropes

VUCA, an acronym for “volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,” means, in other words, “STUFF HAPPENS.” Drs. Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, originators of a business research discipline known as  “Leadership Studies,” are generally credited with developing the concept. Joseph Mitchelli explicitly references their 1985 book Leaders – The Strategies for Taking Charge which outlines the…

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Two-week milestone for my COVID vaccination

World Globe

Today is my two-week “anniversary” for my COVID vaccination, 5/12/2021. So I’m hopefully safer to come into your spaces. Don’t misunderstand: I’m still masking, still using distancing and sanitary precautions, in your home and in my everyday life. But every shot counts to getting us all closer to normal. So I’ll be getting boosters too…

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