Old Bathroom Sink Pipe & a Leak & a Mess oh my

big bathroom in retro style

The lovely photo of a pristine bathroom above is NOT representative of the wet mess I, no eyeglasses yet, no coffee, squelched onto first thing 5:30 this cold Pacific Northwest morning. My supply line – OK, what is a supply line??? – had sprung a leak overnight, gracing me with a lake in the cabinet under my sink, and a therefore soggy mass of all sorts of had-been-useful things on my cabinet floor. A gently flowing stream was enticing some rust out of the poorly finished freestanding metal towel racks on my floor.

Lesson learned? Just as I constantly admonish you to put things on pallets in your garages and basements, the same holds true in a cabinet under a sink. There are wonderful undersink storage options, from glide-out wire bins to expandable shelves. Amazon, Target, Ikea, all the usual suspects, have a million. Even just corraling items in plastic shoe boxes provides a little protection. And the same magic which works under a sink can be helpful in a kitchen cabinet or closet.

Me, Professional Organizer, caught in the act of being disorganized. Sheesh. I’m very glad I’m only human.

But UGH it was awful.

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