The best kind of specialization

I’m not a specialist. My youngest client, one-on-one, has been five-years-old. My oldest in her 80s. I work in arts & crafts rooms, home-based business offices, storage units, garages, and anywhere else you dare to name – I’m the one on the Board of my chapter of my professional society who comes to the meetings while brushing the spiders out of her hair. I’ve had couples, singles, widows. I’ve worked with 1/2 dozen dogs rolling at my heels, an even larger number of cats wondering if they could snuggle in my bags, and while orchestrating six young people as assistants.Lauren Williams June 27, 2016


I’m NOT bragging that I’m refusing to acquire the advanced skills that make me as effective as I can humanly muster with my clients. Just yesterday I indulged in the Institute for Challenging Disorganization‘s webinar “Organizing Rhythms – ADHD + Music Therapy,” huge fun! But I prefer my “rank” of Generalist.


Which is why I admire those dedicated, insightful folk who know when a particular expertise is critical to success who doggedly, merrily pursue it. Woodinville’s Greyhound Pets Inc. is an example. It’s undeniably true that a dog is not a dog is not a dog. Rottweilers, some of my favorites, are not beagles. Beagles sure as heck aren’t Chihuahuas. And Greyhounds in particular need careful attention: from the Greyhound Pets website, I learned, for example, that they can’t live outside – too skinny, no body fat! Not something I would have thought of after my 110-pound girl. Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, and they chase whatever grabs their attention –  my escape artist Border Collies could only wish…


So my deep esteem to specialists. And thank you to The Woodinville Weekly, which brought this laudable group to my attention in its March 11, 2019 Vol. 43 No. 23 edition on page 2, “Woodinville’s Greyhound Pets Inc.” by David B. Clark.

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