This is the best time management technique anyone will ever teach you, so there, nyah! Somewhere always on your person or at least in your car, keep a list of the places which you most frequently go to: grocery stores, pet shops, dry cleaners, big box stores. My list, which I keep in the Notes app on my phone, includes all of the above and a half dozen Goodwills, Homeward Pet animal shelter in Woodinville, my Post Office, my bank, the management office where I live, and used to include places like the Zoo, the Aquarium, and every trampoline and bounce house within an hour’s drive of my house when my son was little and in CONSTANT need of activity.


You’re saying “SO???” Here’s the magic: include the address, the phone number and, MOST IMPORTANT, the HOURS of each of those places on that list. And any time you’re not sure if someplace is open, you pull out that list, you check it, and you don’t go galloping over when it’s closed.

Unless of course you’re exhausted and forget to check. See, even Organizers aren’t always organized all the time. But it was for a good cause, I thought the Goodwill was open for a donation. And yes, I love pocket watches.


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