Beyond Hoarding – a documentary

I was introduced to Beyond Hoarding, a 2019 documentary motivated by director David Coffin’s personal experiences as the executor clearing out the hoarded estate of his Great Uncle John, during the  International OCD Foundation‘s 2020 Online Hoarding Meeting. The film is a painstakingly balanced and sensitive examination of hoarding disorder.

Balanced because it demonstrates the wide range of manifestations and possibilities of hoarding disorder, from people dying from the living conditions they create, to people battling back to much more typical environments. Sensitive because it offers a comprehensive dialog on the disease, from the perspective of people with hoarding disorder, their neighbors, friends and families, first responders who may incidentally encounter people with hoarding disorder, and service providers and mental health clinicians attempting to help people with hoarding challenges return to healthier practices.

I strongly recommend viewing it as another way to learn about this insidious illness. Several brave, generous participants in this film are deeply affected by hoarding disorder. They gave a tremendous gift of themselves.


Hoarded room Casual Uncluttering project

“Before” photo of a hoarded estate Casual Uncluttering LLC helped clear.

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