Blah blah oil

I’ve been buying little odds and ends of furniture to make my home more functional. Some of those pieces need some maintenance, using linseed oil or equivalents (and am I ever grateful there are equivalents!!!! The smell of linseed oil makes me ill). Not gonna name the source, but one of my furniture manufacturers offers an expensive oil, fancy name, colorfully-described as to why it’s above-and-beyond superior and the only product one must use with its furniture. And then when you read the chemical composition – mostly linseed oil. And you can get linseed oil at 1/2 the price at a Home Depot. To be fair, the processing of the fancy oil may be more environmentally friendly, and it may also be a better product for the chemically-sensitive, I’m not sure. When that’s true, the extra cost can be worth every cent.


But don’t fall for hype. Don’t fall for blah blah oil. Read the labels, comparison shop, take an extra day or two to be sure you want and need exactly what you’re buying. Might even help you cut back on impulse shopping.

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