Puget Sound Pronouns 2024

By Lauren Williams | April 8, 2024

I’m super-excited to announce that my softball team the Puget Sound Pronouns has its schedule up with the Emerald City Softball Association. It’s dizzying: Saturdays, a Sunday, starts 8:00AM sometimes, 11:00AM sometimes, 1:30PM sometimes. But it’s going to be a good time always. I’m proud to say I was able to increase my support a…

Hoarding Disorder support option

By Lauren Williams | April 4, 2024

Dr. Chia-Ying Chou is offering a new Compassionate Mind Training for Hoarding & Cluttering Issues program starting July 22 for people who experience clutter/hoarding challenges. I’ve seen Dr. Chou speak. She is an extremely valuable asset in our community.  

The Works Seattle May 16 class – it’s filling up. Sign up now.

By Lauren Williams | April 3, 2024

The Works Seattle is hosting me on Thursday May 16, 7:00PM while I teach a class about general organizing techniques. About this experience The solution to being overwhelmed is never to sleep less, drink more coffee, take worse care of yourself, or beat yourself up… the solution is to get organized! Come along with Lauren…


By Lauren Williams | April 1, 2024

I am soooooooooooooo sick of ho-my-way-e or-ganizing-the-highway TV shows. OHMIGOD – clients who don’t make more than the most pitiful, halfhearted, mewling peep about letting things go. I WANT my clients to fight back sometimes, it means they’re thinking and feeling the process. You can see the surfaces. Clients who don’t actually do the work.…

Care Tasks – How to Keep House While Drowning

By Lauren Williams | March 27, 2024

Care tasks. Not chores. Not jobs. Not responsibilities. Not obligations. Care tasks. This is how KC Davis, a licensed professional counselor, in her meditative, tranquil, tender affirmation of and plea for self-care (and family-care by extension) How to Keep House While Drowning, reframes our day-to-day efforts. The activities which sustain us such as laundry, dishes,…

The Works Seattle

By Lauren Williams | March 21, 2024

I am delighted to announce that I’ll be offering an organizing class through The Works Seattle on Thursday May 16, 7:00PM. It’s a beautiful space in one of my favorite neighborhoods. I may just let myself goof off that day and then saunter in to teach. My beloved Coco is star of the show. About…

Swipe Left by Amy-Ellen Trefsger

By Lauren Williams | February 19, 2024

I’m proud to announce that a colleague of mine in NAPO Washington State, Amy-Ellen f. Trefsger, Distance Decluttering, very new to the profession, has had the gumption to publish a book, Swipe Left on clutter, an entertaining, absolutely unique perspective on the highs and lows, trials and triumphs, of decluttering. Take a chance, get a…

The Holderness Family – Bags – I am ROLLING on the floor laughing

By Lauren Williams | February 16, 2024

OH MY UNIVERSE – me, my count, all shopping bags: I let go a plastic one and two cloth ones; so far keeping 3 small cloth ones, 2 HUGE insulated ones, 4 cheap medium recyclables, 1 FANTASTIC solid-bottomed one, 2 medium insulated ones, 1 huge cloth one, 1 HUGE plastic one which I KNOW I…

Computer monitor in modern office

Sit in a chair

By Lauren Williams | February 14, 2024

For the second time in the last few months, a client asked me to sit in a chair. For many clients who need organizing help, especially those with neurodiverse minds, especially especially maybe people with ADHD, some of the best support you can give them is to simply be present with them. It can be…

82 pages

By Lauren Williams | February 12, 2024

82 pages. Bigger than some of my favorite books. Going in recycle as fast as I can dump it, unless I decide it’s kindling for my fireplace. I feel awful this morning, who knows why. I am finding it impossible to focus on the important work I urgently need to start, let alone finish. It…

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