Axios summary of US Senate Special Committee on Aging hoarding report

By Lauren Williams | July 12, 2024

Axios published a July 2, 2024 summary of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, Aging Committee Majority Staff report “The Consequences of Clutter: How Hoarding Disorder Affects America’s Older Adults, First Responders, and Their Communities,” That article, written by Maya Goldman in the Axios Health section, is extremely accessible. If you don’t want to…

I spoke up, and I fervently hope it made a difference

By Lauren Williams | July 7, 2024

Good morning everyone, Below is a press release from Chairman Bob Casey’s Senate Aging Committee team. The press release discusses The Consequences of Clutter, a Majority Staff report on hoarding disorder and older adults. The report examines how hoarding disorder impacts older adults, their communities, and first responders. It includes a set of recommendations for how the…

Dr. Andrew Huberman Lab

By Lauren Williams | June 27, 2024

A colleague in the ADHD support services world taught me about the Huberman Lab. WOW. And WOW and WOW again. Just a quick browsing through the subjects and I’m quite sure this remarkable man and his team are providing self-help tools as powerful as those created by institutions such as The Greater Good Science Center…

Food Hoarding

By Lauren Williams | June 24, 2024

Patricia Campbell, Organize Now & Forever in Deer Park, NY alerted me to this Fri June 21, 2024 CNN Health article “Food hoarding is a problem. Here is what you need to know” by Madeline Holcombe. It’s highly compassionate and informative.

Replaced by a bunch of books

By Lauren Williams | June 22, 2024

I’m gonna be replaced by a bunch of books once I make this recommendation. I collect organizing books the way some people collect cookbooks (Spoiler alert, I also collect cookbooks. That’s a story for another day). One of the most illustrious members EVER of my profession, Valentina Sgro, Really Organized, wrote a fictional series about…

$175/hour, free insults

By Lauren Williams | June 17, 2024

I just signed a contract with a new client. I’m $110/hour + I have to charge sales tax on my services – DON’T get me started on how angry that makes me. I’ve earned the right to charge every penny of that $110/hour: I’m licensed, bonded and insured; I take continuing education classes constantly; I…

Severe Domestic Squalor

By Lauren Williams | June 11, 2024

Severe Domestic Squalor is the title of a 2012, Cambridge University Press book written by John Snowdon, Graeme Halliday and Sube Banerjee. It’s exactly about its title, and not easy reading, mentally or emotionally. But over-acquiring and under-discarding tendencies can contribute to squalor. It serves me and some of my clients for me to understand…

The Puget Sound Pronouns, Progress, and The Washington Post

By Lauren Williams | June 9, 2024

“The Panic Over Trans Sports Inclusion,” a thoughtful, carefully-crafted, humane examination of human rights by Jerry Brewer in the June 9, 2024 edition of The Washington Post features the Puget Sound Pronouns, the team I proudly sponsor (I can’t throw a bean bag three feet, let alone a softball). And that is AWESOME. But it’s…

My team is famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Lauren Williams | June 9, 2024

The Puget Sound Pronouns made it to the front page of the Sports section of the June 9, 2024 Seattle Times.

One Man’s Trash

By Lauren Williams | May 31, 2024

Trash. It’s a harsh word, indicating a lack of value of an item, space or person. Organizers encourage clients to avoid negative language about their possessions, for several reasons: (1) Organizers are often trying to teach our clients to be more objective in their valuations about their items, to help their clients more effectively learn…

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