Something else new!

By Lauren Williams | December 6, 2023

In tribute to one of my mentors, Anne Blumer of Solutions for You, who is retiring after an incredibly-inspiring career – another first. A client asked me to just sit in a chair. It’s HARD!!!

Another professional first

By Lauren Williams | November 27, 2023

Another professional first – helping a client find a baby snake who escaped her enclosure. Who, fortunately, turned out to just be sleeping in a very hidden spot and not escaped at all. YAY!!!

Hoarded room Casual Uncluttering project

Another amazing book to add to my “It’s Specialized” collection

By Lauren Williams | November 26, 2023

A long-long-long-term colleague, Maria Spetalnik, CPO, Conquer the Clutter, has written her second!! edition of Hoarding for Law Enforcement and Other Public Officials. Pair it with The Hoarding Handbook: A Manual for Human Service Professionals by Christiana Bratiotis, Christina Sorrentino Schmalisch, and Gail Steketee.  

Victor Gruen – NOT a J. Gordon Lippincott

By Lauren Williams | November 6, 2023

Who, you ask, is Victor Gruen – NOT a J. Gordon Lippincott? In the commercialized cacophony that is the “Holiday Season” leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, I felt compelled to learn more about the inventor of the modern shopping mall.   And it was my sheer dumb luck that the Austrian Embassy in Washington…

Italian Wedding Bell Soup

By Lauren Williams | October 28, 2023

Italian Wedding Bell Soup is ambrosial, one of the best soups ever simmered by humankind. Complex, toothsome, I’ve had it in restaurants where the balance of flavors and textures left me swooning at its perfection, and I cheerfully savor an overly-commercialized bowl from a billion-dollar conglomerate because it tastes good.   Until that conglomerate stabbed…

More tall less flat

By Lauren Williams | October 14, 2023

More tall less flat. That was the closest to coherence I could get this morning, because I did NOT get enough sleep, as I did a quick pass clearing up in my bedroom. I’ll explain in a minute.   Organizing is not static. If it were, Organizers might be out of a job. Organizing is…

Go Huskies! And Cougs! and WWU and CWU…

By Lauren Williams | October 12, 2023

My son is a student at Western Washington University. Proud Mom of course signs up for the newsletter. And is stunned and delighted when there is a quiet mention of a career clothing bank. Intrigued, I took a look at University of Washington. DITTO. Washington State University -score! Central Washington University – wildcats roar with…

Buried in Treasures Support Group repost 1

By Lauren Williams | October 1, 2023

I will be starting a for-fee virtual Buried in Treasures support group in January 2024. Please email me at or call me at 425-947-3976 for details. • Does your stuff overwhelm you? • Is it kinda easy to bring it into your spaces, and kinda hard to let it go? • Do you want…

Pocket watches

Cool Clocks

By Lauren Williams | October 1, 2023

So many cool clocks. So very many cool clocks. And timers. Using a clock that appeals to you can strongly enhance productivity. These are just some of my favorites: Braille clocks Diglo vibrating clocks Linear Clockworks mooas Cube Timer Owlconic Skil-Care Sensory Clock Sunrise clocks Talking clocks Time Timers Znewtech And the dreaded… calendar. The…

Buried in Treasures Support Group

By Lauren Williams | September 22, 2023

I will be starting a virtual Buried in Treasures support group in January 2024. Please email me at or call me at 425-947-3976 for details. • Does your stuff overwhelm you? • Is it kinda easy to bring it into your spaces, and kinda hard to let it go? • Do you want to…

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