Google Doodles Archives – Late to the Giggles

By Lauren Williams | May 9, 2021

OK, am I the only person in the world who didn’t know that Google embeds games, interactive “exhibits,” and all sorts of other fun stuff into the doodle logo on the search engine??????? Perfect thing to share on Mother’s Day. And just totally agrees with my fervent To anyone saying “I can’t even draw a…

Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space – Kathi Lipp

By Lauren Williams | May 7, 2021

Kathi Lipp, author of Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space and several other organizing books, has amazing instincts about the emotional issues surrounding people’s efforts to get organized. She is extremely sympathetic, and her Christian viewpoint might be particularly comforting and empowering to women of faith. And she’s just plain sensible:…

A face and a Little Free Pantry

By Lauren Williams | May 7, 2021

Not all “establishment” food banks such as Hopelink are currently able to take donations of actual food. So I’ve got a scattering of Little Free Pantries, close cousins to Little Free Libraries, programmed into my GPS in order to make donations of non-perishable food items on behalf of my clients. Better yet, I’ve got one…

Pocket watches

Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity

By Lauren Williams | May 5, 2021

Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity David Allen’s system is incredibly simple. But it is also powerful and takes discipline. He makes a very persuasive argument for his technique, which pared down to its absolute essentials is: “WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN AND DATE THE NOTES!!!” Which, did I mention, takes discipline? And practice. What…

Plated Imperfection

By Lauren Williams | May 4, 2021

I like to cook. I enjoy food’s presentation, known as “plating.” And I agree with Voltaire, who wrote “Perfect is the enemy of the good.” A client recently let me have an adorable plant stand  – one less thing for the poor client to dispose of. It matches a planter, probably once a stair rail,…

Man wearing blindfold

Organizing for Your Brain Type – Lanna Nakone

By Lauren Williams | April 28, 2021

Organizing for Your Brain Type: Finding Your Own Solution to Managing Time, Paper, and Stuff Lanna Nakone is fascinated by the science of brain function and applies its research to the question “Why can’t I get organized?” The simple answer: no two brains are alike, although there are some things we all share. Each of…

COVID vaccination shot #2

By Lauren Williams | April 28, 2021

Lauren Williams Casual Uncluttering LLC just got poked for her second COVID vaccination shot this morning 4/28/2021, 9:15AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

old movie projector

Fanlight Productions – powerful resource

By Lauren Williams | April 26, 2021

There are days I wish I was a billionaire. Because I would turn Fanlight Productions,  “a leading distributor of innovative film and video works on the social issues of our time, with a special focus on healthcare, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, disabilities, the workplace, and gender and family issues (quoted from its…

quilts and crate

Organizing from the Inside Out – Julie Morgenstern

By Lauren Williams | April 21, 2021

Organizing from the Inside Out Julie Morgenstern’s book is the “cheat sheet” of organizing books. It is PACKED with her insights. She offers everything from estimates about how long typical projects will take, to her observations concerning common emotional obstacles people encounter in their efforts to get organized. She is generous when providing techniques to…

Organizing for the Creative Person – Dorothy Lehmkuhl & Dolores Cotter Lamping

By Lauren Williams | April 14, 2021

Organizing for the Creative Person: Right-brain styles for conquering clutter, mastering time, and reaching your goals Dorothy Lehmkuhl and Dolores Cotter Lamping make it easier for people who aren’t comfortable with “traditional” folder-and-cabinet organizing structures to understand why those systems don’t work for them. And why that’s OK!! This book was published waaay back in 2005…

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