De nada, San Juan

By Lauren Williams | May 22, 2022

So I get an inquiry from a San Juan client. Don’t recognize the phone number. We have the San Juan Islands archipelago. There’s a San Juan Island. Answer the question,…

Play Break: Thriving During Uncertain Times Annemarie Steen

By Lauren Williams | May 18, 2022

Annemarie Steen has the COOLEST quotes about playfulness on her website that I’ve ever seen: In an hour of PLAY, you learn more about a person than in a year…

A Plea to the Overly-Ambitious, or, Clients, Let Me Do My Laundry

By Lauren Williams | May 14, 2022

A plea to the overly-ambitious My client cancelled 1/2 hour before the appointment. I’d already been traveling for 1/2 hour, was 1/2 way there, in such heavy rain I didn’t…

How to Persuade with Your Content – Rosie di Lecce

By Lauren Williams | May 11, 2022

Rosie di Lecce, Writing with Rosie, was speaking to business owners during her Playful Creative Summit interview with David Chislett. She helps them write marketing copy that will accurately explain…

Cats in Casual Uncluttering work gear

Big Fluffs

By Lauren Williams | May 9, 2022

Big fluffs, little fluffs, no fluff. I meet A LOT of pets for work. Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, Schipperkes, old-fashioned mutts, pure-bred Abyssinian cats which looked like they’d been dipped in gold…

One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way Robert Maurer

By Lauren Williams | May 6, 2022

Another month, another video book review. One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way by Dr. Robert Maurer.  

Jacob Lawrence – the Power of FUN & How It Could Save Your Company

By Lauren Williams | May 4, 2022

Meet Jacob Lawrence, I Make Work Fun, another 2021 Playful Creative Summit participant. Someone who wears a Spiderman costume to a presentation and coaches businesses to apply “Strategic Fun” to solve…

A Client and a Dog

By Lauren Williams | April 29, 2022

One of my former clients texted today, showing off an absolutely adorable moose of a just-adopted-from-a-shelter dog. I admit, unabashedly, I started crying. A competent, seasoned Organizer doesn’t come into…

You’re More Creative Than You Think – Diego Pulido

By Lauren Williams | April 27, 2022

You’re More Creative Than You Think, Diego Pulido‘s theme for his 2021 Playful Creative Summit discussion with Alyea Sandovar, was delightfully motivating. He emphatically reminded his listeners that creativity doesn’t…

Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose – Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude

By Lauren Williams | April 20, 2022

During Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose, Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude, Co-Leaders of ImaginePod, encouraged their 2021 Creative Playful Summit audience, while interviewing with Alyea Ssandovar, to:…

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