How to Clean Practically Anything

By Lauren Williams | June 9, 2021

How to Clean Practically Anything Alright, I’m cheating here.  I have the 1996 edition of How to Clean Practically Anything, by the Editors of Consumer Reports  – WHICH I still…

Decoupaged travel trunk

Storage Made Easy – Candace Ord Manroe

By Lauren Williams | June 2, 2021

Storage Made Easy I wish there were a new, therefore easy-to-find edition of Candace Ord Manroe’s 1995 work – not January 1, 1820, which, WORD-OF-HONOR, is the publication date Amazon…

Sticker Askew

By Lauren Williams | May 28, 2021

If you look closely at the photo  in this post, you’ll notice that the pretty little sticker I picked up at Seattle ReCreative is off-center relative to the hole punched…

Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life – Mike Nelson

By Lauren Williams | May 26, 2021

Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life Mike Nelson has written a painfully honest autobiographical account of his life as an extreme clutterer. That honesty is something that other clutterers MUST…

colorful tangled ropes

VUCA is a four-letter word

By Lauren Williams | May 23, 2021

VUCA, an acronym for “volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,” means, in other words, “STUFF HAPPENS.” Drs. Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, originators of a business research discipline known as  “Leadership…

Simplify your space – Marcia Ramsland

By Lauren Williams | May 19, 2021

Simplify your space create order & reduce stress Marcia Ramsland’s book annoys me. I unfortunately find it an “Of course you can” book. “Of course you can” books always work…

World Globe

Two-week milestone for my COVID vaccination

By Lauren Williams | May 12, 2021

Today is my two-week “anniversary” for my COVID vaccination, 5/12/2021. So I’m hopefully safer to come into your spaces. Don’t misunderstand: I’m still masking, still using distancing and sanitary precautions,…

J. Gordon Lippincott – super genius

By Lauren Williams | May 12, 2021

J. Gordon Lippincott – evil visionary? Consummate consumerist, unapologetic con man of capitalism? Astoundingly Renaissance-Man-gifted artist, engineer and acutely-observant social scientist. I stumbled on Lippincott’s name while reading Garbology (pps.…

Organizing Idea Book – John Loecke

By Lauren Williams | May 12, 2021

Organizing Idea Book John Loecke’s Organizing Idea Book is beautiful.  An interior decorator’s book. Because Loecke is an interior decorator who understands organizing principles and who employs them creatively, playfully…

Casual Uncluttering joins the Amazon Associates program

By Lauren Williams | May 9, 2021

Full disclosure: Casual Uncluttering is now a member of the Amazon Associates program, which earns me small commissions on successful sales of the products which I recommend through Amazon. BUT…

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