My computer went on strike Wednesday 9/20/2017

By Lauren Williams | September 25, 2017

So I’m getting a lot of  reading done. That adaptability thing again. Taunton’s Home Storage Idea Book, written by Joanne Kellar Bouknight in 2003 is worth every second of effort to find on Amazon and worth every penny to buy. She’s FUNNY, creative, practical. I found myself wishing I could review this book just by…

C. Melita Webb

By Lauren Williams | September 17, 2017

It was marvelous fortune that I met C. Melita Webb when she consulted me for organizing help. She has taught me a great deal about courage, and what it means to aspire to graceful, compassionate dignity for oneself and others. I am not a Christian, but I think Ms. Webb’s ideals are universal to all faiths and I…

Level 1 Certificate Basic ADD in CD Client

Level 1 Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client

By Lauren Williams | September 16, 2017

This is the second course of study I’ve now completed with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. I hope that this list will give people a glimpse of the rich nuances involved in getting and keeping people organized, with or without challenges. Heck, I’m using some of this stuff on myself – nobody is up for tedium all…

Overflowing mail sorter

Spark joy by Marie Kondo

By Lauren Williams | September 15, 2017

I disliked Ms. Kondo’s first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I’m warmer to Spark Joy: an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up. It’s significantly gentler: Ms. Kondo has softened her “my way or else” invocations, acknowledging that people can use other approaches  to their…

Gentlest Tough Love I’ve Ever Read – Clutterbusting by Brooks Palmer

By Lauren Williams | September 11, 2017

Brooks Palmer is a stand-up comedian who regularly performs in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, so I was surprised, even disappointed, that Palmer didn’t write Clutterbusting with humor. Once I got over that twist, I found compassion, wisdom, and the most absurdly creative exercises that I have ever read to help ANYONE loosen ties…

Creating the ultimate baby nursery closet

By Lauren Williams | September 7, 2017

If any of my friends with babies anywhere in their lives would like some help… (insert smile here)  Another Closetbox article to which I was delighted to add my two cents.  “Creating the ultimate baby nursery closet” Creating the ultimate baby nursery closet Leslie Hughes • September 5, 2017 BABY STORAGE CLOSETS Prepping for a baby…

Coffee Mugs in Oven

Organizing & Cleaning – The Misconception of Talent vs. Learned Skills

By Lauren Williams | August 30, 2017

I found this post by an Organizing colleague, Shanna Perino, as an entry for a blogging community called Activerain. I’m reblogging it here and everywhere else I can reach with her permission because I think her insights are brilliant, courageous and smart.   “Organizing and Cleaning – The Misconception of Talent vs. Learned Skills Yesterday, I was working…

Deer crossing sign with Rudolph red nose


By Lauren Williams | August 29, 2017

I LOVE MY JOB! Not just for the satisfaction of using my strengths to help people. The perks are great too. What do you do when you can’t find a place to plug in a computer? Pick blueberries at Mountainview Blueberry Farm. And driving past this actually caused me to stop, reverse myself and make…

Level 1 Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization

By Lauren Williams | August 28, 2017

The Level 1 Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization is the absolute baseline course of study to allow me to pursue certification by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization as a Certified Professional Organizer specializing in chronic disorganization (CPO-CD). I earned this Level 1 “diploma” on 8/25/2017.   Chronic Disorganization is “characterized by disorganization that…

New House Housecleaning

You Could be Wrecking Your Home – And Not Know It (Yet)!

By Lauren Williams | August 24, 2017

Amy Mullen, Realtor, CPA, CDPE, MBA, has given me permission to reblog this. I think it’s wonderful, the exact kind of tiny detail “I wish I knew then what I know now” piece that is invaluable.  “First-time homeowners often make these 9 common — and avoidable — mistakes. Don’t be one of them. You haven’t felt…

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