Born to Organize by Sara Pedersen

Sara Pedersen’s

Born to Organize Everything you need to know about a career as a Professional Organizer

is a clear, concise, comprehensive “behind-the-curtains” guide to starting out as a Professional Organizer is a must-read for anyone at any point on the Professional Organizing “spectrum.” For people just considering the career, Ms. Pedersen wisely balances her discussion of pros and cons AND cautions why this work is not for everyone. For those who are taking the plunge, Ms. Pedersen provides an outstanding review of the legal, financial and other resources and skills they will need. And established providers can easily benefit from her reminders about marketing tools and potential recipients of charitable donations. I’m tempted to say clients might enjoy Ms. Pedersen’s book as well, but that would be like a magician revealing his tricks.


Born to Organize (  Amazon link)


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