Bradley Charbonneau – Write Your Worst Book Ever

I’ve been utterly riveted by The Playful Creative Summit I stumbled on months ago. I can’t express how glad I am for that good fortune. I’m listening to presentations while suffering through data entry into QuickBooks. It’s taken the place of my beloved morning radio talk show. I’d be playing them in the car if I could figure out how.


Typewriter I LOVE to write, so this is extra special for me. Charbonneau, published author of multiple titles, podcaster, who I first discovered through his connections to the ADD/ADHD community (and in fact that’s how I found the Summit, he posted an announcement somewhere), by playfully guiding people through writing their worst book ever – and he MEANS it, he’ll stop you if your book starts getting good – is pushing people past their fear of failure, coaching them to explore and strengthen their creativity, and giving them a foundation to launch their second, real book. Or put brush to canvas, cut the band’s first album…


His essential messages (HUGELY PARAPHRASED) are “Just Go Do It!” and “If you’re miserable producing the effort, you’re not going to make the effort, and you’re never going to finish.” Perfectionists beware, you especially need to just have fun. And deadlines are good.

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