Spring Cleaning, Spring Remodeling?

“Complete Home Storage” by Southern Living magazine, 1999, is one of those things I love to find in thrift stores, or, in this case, the fundraising bookstore of a public library in Bellevue, WA. You never know what excellent advice special editions of magazines are going to have. It’s not on my reading list for my upcoming CPO exam, but it was great – an extremely practical guide, step-by-painstaking step in intelligent detail, of how to create more storage in every significant space in a house. Also versatile, because it’s written for DIYers, but then serves as a translator for those people, myself included, who NEVER pick up a hammer and always leave the craftsmanship to the pros.


Although I love chopping wood and using snowblowers.


But back to the topic. When I mention intelligent detail, I mean: the charts demonstrating ideal shelf heights for most adults and most children; a suggestion for moisture-proofing cabinets; remembering the newspaper box and many others. It would be very easy to spend ALOT using this book as a guide. But for people who can keep their budget firmly in mind, getting a copy of this off the ‘net might be terrific.


My favorite bits: recommendations for how to build a food cellar – New York City kid admits she finds that very funny; and page 121, first paragraph:


“Backyard storage sheds are ideal for handling the overflow from ovestuffed basements and garages. They are particularly helpful for storing seasonal tools, supplies, and sporting goods like lawn movers, gardening equipment, barbecues and even bicycles.”


Heck yah!  (←, psst, it’s a link →)  YouTube fun

Comment if you get the funny part.

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