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I will be starting a for-fee virtual Buried in Treasures support group in January 2024. Please email me at lauren@casualuncluttering.com or call me at 425-947-3976 for details.
• Does your stuff overwhelm you?
• Is it kinda easy to bring it into your spaces, and kinda hard to let it go?
• Do you want to think differently about your things?
Buried in Treasures support groups are weekly, 16-week-long evidence-based workshops developed by Lee Shuer, a person with lived experience of hoarding disorder, Dr. Randy O. Frost, a pioneer in researching and treating hoarding disorder, with editing contributions by Becca Radofsky, Shuer’s wife and business partner, designed to help people attempt to reduce their acquiring and saving habits and examine their beliefs about their possessions. It is their hope, and my hope, that the work helps people function more effectively, comfortably and safely in their environments.


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