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I can help you make your life better through getting yourself organized. I know I have a personal understanding of the impact a special-needs person can have on a family's routines, space and ability to keep things in place.

I get huge satisfaction when I am able to help people on a deeply personal, highly collaborative level. I constantly need to be creative and think on my feet to develop solutions with my clients. There are very few people who are "traditional" "neat-as-a-pin" thinkers. It's fun to help people explore outside-of-the-box ideas and methods for resolving their problems. And it's a wonderful reward to help people regain comfort and peace in their homes, or get new space for a new aspect of their lives, like turning a garage into an art studio.

I want this process to be fun. I will use humor at every opportunity to make this work easier. I am also able to work in what some people see as a very informal environment - with the kids side-by-side with us, the cat trying to get into the boxes, the plumber at your house at the same time. That can make the effort easier for you, and that is a key to success. This job has to be 100% client-centered. If you have to call it quits early because your 2-year-old just had a temper tantrum, we will. And we'll start again when you can.

I will always listen to you. I enjoy hearing my clients' stories, getting introduced to their history. I'm glad I can help them preserve what's timeless and support them as they move into new phases of their lives. My clients and I will have many conversations about their needs, hopes, strengths and weaknesses. The process and work of getting organized, if well-done, makes people more self-aware.

Call me at (425) 947-3976 or email me at

Lauren in Action

I'm pleased to say that I'm launching webinars to share my training, experience and joy about organizing and its value with as many people as possible.  Judith Kolberg's book Conquering Chronic Disorganization is one of my inspirations for my presentation. This little bit of a video, my reaction to her masterwork, is a home-grown effort. The webinar is a collaboration with a pro! Honest Biscuits - watch my storeroom adventures! Final tallies in 4 hours - 3 large bags of trash gone, 3 boxes of boxes to recycle, 15 empty milk crates uncovered, and significant sorting finished. I've also been providing some guidance to the back office, getting structures in place for easing paperwork processing.

And then there's my time helping a client conquer a Harry Potter closet.

Results: Befores and Afters

Services, Terms and Fees

Initial Walk-Through (on-site and virtual)
Free for one hour

Personalized, one-on-one service on-site, hourly


Assistants are brought on at $60/hour/per assistant, without discount.

As of 7/1/2021, Washington State requires me to charge sales tax on services my company provides to all clients located in Washington State, including services provided by my subcontractors, and on all costs I pass on to my clients. The tax rate will vary according to each client's location.


Personalized, one-on-one service on-site PACKAGES

8 hours, 3% discount

16 hours, 5% discount

24 hours, 10% discount

Assistants are brought on at $60/hour/per assistant, without discount.

As of 7/1/2021, Washington State requires me to charge sales tax on my services and any goods or services, for example the assistance of subcontractors, I add to my services on behalf of a Washington client. The charge will depend on a client's location: current rates vary from 8.4 to 10.4% of my rates.


Virtual Services


As of 7/1/2021, Washington State requires me to charge sales tax on my services and any goods or services, for example the assistance of subcontractors, I add to my services on behalf of a Washington client. The charge will depend on a client's location: current rates vary from 8.4 4 to 10.4% of my rates.


Gift Cards

I offer gift cards BUT ONLY if the gift isn't given as a surprise.


Check, PayPal or credit card:

Invoices will be provided for all transactions between Client and Casual Uncluttering, and payment is due upon receipt of each invoice or unless the invoice is disputed or alternative arrangements have been made in writing. Payment may be made via check, money order, credit card or PayPal, with checks made payable to Casual Uncluttering.  Any dispute or claim with respect to an invoice must be raised in writing within fifteen (15) days from the date of the invoice or the dispute is waived, at which time payment in full will be due and owing.  Late fees of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month will be applied to all invoices that are more than 15 days outstanding.  Payments that fail to process will incur bank fees, an administrative fee of $50, and one and one-half percent (1.5%) late fees on the outstanding balance.

Service Area

I am best able to work within King County, but will consider other locations on an individual basis. I work some weeknights, some weekends, and of course weekdays. I can often begin as early as 8:00AM or start as late as 6:00PM. I will offer virtual services whenever my client and I can get time zones to cooperate.


I help you declutter and arrange your belongings. I guide you through discovering the systems and the approaches that work for you in your surroundings and your point in life.

In the process, you might discover anything from a string of pearls to old college textbooks. I help you find your timeless treasures, and give you ideas on how to honor your property by keepng it carefully and conveniently.

I support you as you let go of items you may no longer need, and together we create storage systems so the possessions you value no longer get lost or damaged. Those systems can be for artwork, mementos, clothes, pots and pans or any other materials in your household, in any space in your house from your attic to your basement, home office, garage, storage unit or your barn.

I work with physical items such as

  • Collectibles and Antiques
  • Toys
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Pet Care Items
  • Personal Care Products
  • Paperwork
  • Books

I do not work on virtual properties such as computer files or time management systems. I do not perform housecleaning, assembly or disassembly of furniture, shelving, or closet systems; move furniture greater than 25 pounds; climb ladders or any other related activities, but I will gladly provide referrals to contractors for such tasks. I will not build, alter, or install anything in your home, but will refer you to qualified craftsmen as necessary for such action. I do not place orders for goods on behalf of clients.

I pledge that I will always act with discretion and confidentiality concerning a client's home and life.

Call me at (425) 947-3976 and let's talk.  Or email me at

Remember, the first one-hour walk-through is free! Answers to Common Questions


Certified Professional Organizer medallion

July 2017

April 2020


Virtual Uncluttering During (and After) COVID

I'm conducting safe, socially-distanced organizing sessions with the teleconference tool of your choice (Zoom, Teams, Duo, Facetime.)

One-on-one teleconferenced organizing meetings, also known as "virtual" or "remote" organizing, are usually shorter than a "regular" engagement, focus on well-defined projects even more closely than side-by-side work, and can have some powerful advantages over efforts where I'm hands-on with you.

Call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at

In the meanwhile, reach out to someone you fought with, call that college buddy, mail a letter to someone.

Be safe, be well.

Casual Uncluttering LLC James Lott Jr The SOS ShowMy interview on The SOS Show with James Lott Jr. is live! Follow this link to listen to this free-roaming conversation about my training, my emotional connection to Professional Organizing, my clients and much much more. I'm very proud of it.