Google Doodles Archives – Late to the Giggles

OK, am I the only person in the world who didn’t know that Google embeds games, interactive “exhibits,” and all sorts of other fun stuff into the doodle logo on the search engine??????? Perfect thing to share on Mother’s Day. And just totally agrees with my fervent To anyone saying “I can’t even draw a…

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Plated Imperfection

I like to cook. I enjoy food’s presentation, known as “plating.” And I agree with Voltaire, who wrote “Perfect is the enemy of the good.” A client recently let me have an adorable plant stand  – one less thing for the poor client to dispose of. It matches a planter, probably once a stair rail,…

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Mood knobs

door knobs

To this very day, you can buy mood rings on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. I don’t wear rings. Mood knobs it will be. I’ve just gotten a small, inexpensive Ikea kitchen cart, finally going to really truly configure my kitchen for functionality, 11 years after moving in (Readers, you are allowed an eye roll here.…

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Shiny bits and sparkly bobs

I haven’t blogged in darn close to a month. I’ve been slogging through knee-deep mud, everything from revamping some of my tools for communicating with clients to research for a committee-in-formation for one of my professional societies. Sometimes you just have to watch your step, avoid distractions, and pretend you’re a Clydesdale pulling a wagon.…

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Light Bulb Booties

Kids’ pencil cases, Goodwill find. These are going to get me to smile for weeks. Bet you’d never see something like this in a professional video studio. Look for more virtual Organizer on the Road Shows soon – that’s what reminded me I needed to protect the bulbs.

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Simple Makes All the Difference

old movie projector

Mailchimp is a tool for social media marketing. This blog post isn’t an endorsement of Mailchimp. But it is a salute to The Rocket Science Group, the company behind Mailchimp, for giving back with ingenuity par excellence. Poke around on MailChimp’s website and you’ll find MailChimp Presents, an ever-changing feast of short films about entrepreneurs,…

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Carpe decide-at-the-very-last-minute

Pocket watches

Carpe diem, Latin for “pluck the day,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is part of a larger quote by the Roman poet Horace: “pluck the day, trusting as little as possible in the next one.” Horace lived the philosophy of welcoming life moment-by-moment: an ancient sage empowered by a now scientifically-validated concept of a healthier,…

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Lonely Socks Need Purpose Too

I’ve now started following Feng Shui a little. Got this tip from a practitioner: “If someone is ill, take a piece of their clothing that is worn often, and expose it to sunlight between 11am and 1pm (midday). My suggestion is that you leave it, or them, in the sunlight the entire time. Socks, jacket,…

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Virtual Cinema Very Verite

I’m prouder than a peacock that Casual Uncluttering LLC’s first-ever virtual Organizer on the Road Show was a success. GenPride, a community center dedicated to serving LGBTQ Puget Sound Region residents, graciously hosted me. I was fortunate – we had a small number of guests, so I didn’t feel nearly the same stage fright as…

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