Sit in a chair

Computer monitor in modern office

For the second time in the last few months, a client asked me to sit in a chair. For many clients who need organizing help, especially those with neurodiverse minds, especially especially maybe people with ADHD, some of the best support you can give them is to simply be present with them. It can be…

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82 pages

82 pages. Bigger than some of my favorite books. Going in recycle as fast as I can dump it, unless I decide it’s kindling for my fireplace. I feel awful this morning, who knows why. I am finding it impossible to focus on the important work I urgently need to start, let alone finish. It…

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More tall less flat

More tall less flat. That was the closest to coherence I could get this morning, because I did NOT get enough sleep, as I did a quick pass clearing up in my bedroom. I’ll explain in a minute.   Organizing is not static. If it were, Organizers might be out of a job. Organizing is…

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Buried in Treasures Support Group repost 1

I will be starting a for-fee virtual Buried in Treasures support group in January 2024. Please email me at or call me at 425-947-3976 for details. • Does your stuff overwhelm you? • Is it kinda easy to bring it into your spaces, and kinda hard to let it go? • Do you want…

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Cool Clocks

Pocket watches

So many cool clocks. So very many cool clocks. And timers. Using a clock that appeals to you can strongly enhance productivity. These are just some of my favorites: Braille clocks Diglo vibrating clocks Linear Clockworks mooas Cube Timer Owlconic Skil-Care Sensory Clock Sunrise clocks Talking clocks Time Timers Znewtech And the dreaded… calendar. The…

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One of my heroes – Marnie Cooper

old movie projector

Marnie Cooper is in recovery from hoarding disorder. She’s worked with Dr. Randy O. Frost for a very long time, and bravely captures her challenges and conquests as cinema verite, vignette videos which she shares on Facebook and YouTube  with the title A Hoarder Comes Clean. I adore her sense of humor, her honesty and…

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Apologies. Life.

Apologies. Life. I haven’t posted since June 15. Illness off-and-on. The weather. A family member who’s needed support. Some super-special, super-tiring clients. Being part of the team which converted my National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals chapter from a Seattle-based agency to a WA-state-focused body, which we formally celebrated on May 1 (YAY!!!!!).  …

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Clutterers Anonymous Literature

I won a raffle! I never win raffles. I attended the October 2022 Mental Health Association of San Francisco Redefining Crazy Conference. It is always amazing, I always learn something new. And I won a raffle for filling out the “How’d Ya like It?” survey. I won the CLA (Clutterers Anonymous) Literature Collection.   And…

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Leah Farish, Conversation Balloons, podcast

Leah Farish, author, civil rights litigator, and host of the Conversation Balloons podcast, invited me to a free-ranging discussion of hoarding disorder and the people who suffer from this horrible mental illness on her May 17, 2023 broadcast on Spotify. Take a listen!  

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