Ceci Garrett, therapist who specializes in hoarding disorder

Ceci Garrett is a phenomenal resource for people seeking therapeutic support around hoarding challenges. She is the adult daughter of a person with hoarding disorder, who courageously teaches about that experience, including to a Tedx audience. Even more extraordinary, Ceci’s journey as a person affected by hoarding includes a successful intervention, launched by the TV show Hoarders (Season 2 episode 2), for her parent, Judi Manual.


Ceci’s ongoing metamorphosis called her to train as a licensed clinical social worker.

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She has now published a workbook , Parents Who Hoard: Choosing to Help (or Not) designed to guide the adult children of people who hoard in their decisions about whether to intervene or not in their parent’s situation. It is gentle, thorough, practical and invaluable. It can be used with other works, for example, Digging Out, effectively. I recommend Ceci’s effort without hesitation. And she’s writing a book – I can’t wait to read it!

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