Channeling Pollyanna

Cheering myself up!

It has been a lousy day. I may have taken a client’s children’s favorite toys to donation by mistake – dear readers, cover your ears, the air is heavy with my wrath. The weather is giving me a headache. I haven’t had a chance to eat since early breakfast, and it’s now about 8PM. I’ve been in the car all day, trying with a Herculean might and a whole lot of internal bravado – OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO GET THOSE TOYS BACK – to reverse my mistake with the toys. So I haven’t done ANYTHING I planned to do today. Nuttin’, not a cover-your-ears-again *Y$(HFCY#&%&) thing.


Or I can say “It’s been a great day.” I’m honoring my integrity by trying to reverse my mistake. I got to listen to a new book on tape MUCH MORE QUICKLY, and got a LOT MORE OF IT, than I expected. If I hadn’t made my mistake, I’d have been in a library all day, which would have meant my phone was silenced. Which would have meant I didn’t take one of the most important professional calls I’ve shared this year.



Pollyanna, go play somewhere else. It’s OK to get upset, it’s OK to take responsibility AND feel like a fool. This eloquent essay Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being, published in Scientific American By Tori Rodriguez on May 1, 2013, which in turn leads to other treasures, explains the concept far better than I can.


So today I’m going to wallow in my misery.


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