Charity Choice Monday – REST – Real Escape from the Sex Trade – RealChange 68

REST – Real Escape from the Sex Trade. Quoted from its website:

“We were founded in November 2009 by a small team of women who recognized that very few services existed to meet the needs of sexually exploited individuals—and we set out to see how we could help, driven by the belief that everyone is worthy of love and worthy of a life without exploitation. Our primary aim from the beginning was to build relationships with people who were being trafficked in the local sex trade, learn what their true needs were, and serve as a bridge to critical services and resources. As we found that the necessary services either didn’t exist or didn’t work, we became committed to building them, always informed by the very people we served. This relationship-first and needs-based model has driven REST’s growth since day one. ”


REST distributes basic needs kits to its clients and encourages donors to assemble them in advance.

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