Children of Hoarders by Fugen Neziroglu

Dr. Fugen Neziroglu, a world-renowned clinician for the treatment of hoarding disorder through her clinic the BioBehavioral Institute in Great Neck, NY, is the author of numerous research papers, several books and a thought-provoking public speaker. I’ve reviewed her book Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save & How You Can Stop in another post. I’ve now finished Children of Hoarders: How to Minimize Conflict, Reduce Clutter & Improve Your Relationship and I’d like to share my thoughts.

It is written with compassion and scrupulous care, although I wish to HECK she would get out of the habit of using the descriptor “hoarders.” But I’m recommending it with a bunch of “CAUTION” tape wrapped around it.
(1) It’s written for people whose parent(s) is/are still alive. So some of it is more difficult for children of deceased people with hoarding disorder to use concretely.
(2) In my opinion, it must be only one tool, a minimal starting point towards healing. It doesn’t go very deeply into recommendations concerning self-evaluation, self-soothing, etc., because it can’t without then almost being an in-print therapist, and that of course isn’t possible. But because it doesn’t go deeply into such practices, I think it would be a more valuable book if its readers also have some in-person support while experiencing it, because it is going to bring up powerful and complicated reactions in its audience.
(3) I think this book pairs extremely well with Buried in Treasures by David Tolin and/or Dr. Neziroglu’s other book. You might also find the exercises in the Treatment for Hoarding Disorder Workbook by Gail Steketee useful.


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