Clever Girl’s Guide to Living With Less by Kathy Vines

Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less by Kathy Vines is an easy-to-read book written with compassion and good humor. It is a good primer, a very basic guide to the principles for how one gets organized, and the emotional obstacles which can make the work so frustrating. Precisely because it is so basic, this book is an excellent option as a go-to reference for people who have mostly finished their organizing, as a support for those times when they find themselves challenged by something new, tiredness, or any other potential downfall.


In a similar line of thought, this book is an excellent resource for a Professional Organizer: it is a concise, very thorough compilation of the decision-making arguments we teach our clients every day, written in clear, simple language. I may permanently carry it with me to browse in-between sessions with clients, as a refresher for ways to present the ideas to my clients.

Clever Girl's Guide to Living With Less

I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a teleclass for my organizing colleagues about marketing options online. I was delighted to learn she’d written a book: I’m always looking for different perspectives on our work.

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