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I won a raffle! I never win raffles. I attended the October 2022 Mental Health Association of San Francisco Redefining Crazy Conference. It is always amazing, I always learn something new. And I won a raffle for filling out the “How’d Ya like It?” survey. I won the CLA (Clutterers Anonymous) Literature Collection.


And this prize was an example of letting the Universe provide. The more I’ve learned about Clutterers Anonymous (CLA), the more I respect and admire it and recommend it without hesitation to clients. CLA is a 12-step-style program, which makes some direct references to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), the original 12-step program. Can I promise it will be an appropriate support for clutterers, people with chronic disorganization challenges and/or hoarding tendencies? NOPE. NOT AT ALL. Am I sure it’s worth exploring? YUP. WITHOUT HESITATION.


And so getting a copy of the Fellowship’s writings? Yes, yes, yes. I didn’t know that’s what I’d won until it showed up in the mail. And I now have a breathtakingly richer understanding of this community. Its philosophy is even more gentle, compassionate and generous than I realized in conversation with members. There is a simple beauty and elegance to the language in this book that has a profoundly comforting and calming effect. I will enjoy re-reading it for inspiration as I work with my clients. I am delightedly grateful it was my luck to receive this.

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