Clutter’s Last Stand

I’m a decluttering geek. In honor of the fact that I’m studying to board-certify (going for CPO (Certified Professional Organizer)) in my profession in June, I will be posting reviews of the books I’m studying.


Don Aslett, a cleaning expert who built a housekeeping service empire, doesn’t soften the blow about decluttering. He openly mocks consumerism, doesn’t look at neurological or psychological foundations for cluttering behaviors, and puts the responsibility for cluttering squarely on the clutterer’s shoulders, no excuse-making allowed. So he’s going to make some people ANGRY. He’s going to hurt other people’s feelings. Many people will NOT find him funny (I did, but I have a broad-ranging sense of humor. I enjoy everything from desert-dry British wit to 13 clowns in a tiny car).

That may be exactly why everyone should read “Clutter’s Last Stand.” Mr. Anslett does require honesty from his readers. Honesty is an extremely valuable tool for someone who is decluttering. Those who enjoy his humor will have that benefit; those who get angry will have that incentive; those who get hurt will have the starting-point of interpreting why, and can look at how to let go of that hurt to move ahead. And everyone will get some practical advice on the how-to’s of releasing items from their possession.

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