Complicated Grief – Prolonged Grief

I learned the term “Complicated Grief” in listening to Brene Brown‘s Rising Strong. And she mentioned the Columbia University School of Social Work Center for Prolonged Grief. I’m quoting from its home page for the public:


“CG is a form of grief that takes hold of a person’s mind and won’t let go

It is natural to experience intense grief after someone close dies, but complicated grief is different. Troubling thoughts, dysfunctional behaviors or problems regulating emotions get a foothold and stall adaptation. Complicated grief is the condition that occurs when this happens. People with complicated grief don’t know what’s wrong. They assume that their lives have been irreparably damaged by their loss and cannot imagine how they can ever feel better. Grief dominates their thoughts and feelings with no respite in sight. Relationships with family and friends flounder. Life can seem purposeless, like nothing seems to matter without their loved one. Others begin to feel frustrated, helpless and discouraged. Even professionals may be uncertain about how to help.  People often think this is depression but complicated grief and depression are not the same thing.”


I am NOT a clinician, not a therapist, not a diagnostician. But in every fiber of my body, with every beat of my heart, every thought of my soul and every wrench of my emotions, I know some of my clients may suffer from this.


I hope I’ve just pointed them to some resources for relief.

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