Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose – Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude

During Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose, Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude, Co-Leaders of ImaginePod, encouraged their 2021 Creative Playful Summit audience, while interviewing with Alyea Ssandovar, to: (1) figure out what you’re good at, and find people who complement you in your weaknesses, and (2) remember that marketing is relationship-building. They suggested marketing using quizzes, a playful tool to generate interest in a topic: quizzes guide participants to learn about themselves, and then help them to approach your subject with their new understanding.


I LIKE these! I’ve participated in social justice efforts for decades – getting the messages out is intimidating. When you remember to focus on the people you’re speaking to rather than the cause, the cause will be heard. I’m going to take this a mile farther – when you focus on the people you’re conversing with, whether it’s about their day at school, their argument with their boss, or the wonderful sunset they just saw, the message will be heard – you care. And taking the idea of quizzes that much farther as well – Ask “Hey, tell me about that” questions during conversation. “Yes/no” questions sink conversations: “Hey, tell me” give them wings.

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