David Chislett, Creativity Activator

Alyea Sandovar, Co-Founder of the Playful Creative Summit, interviewed David Chislett, Co-Founder of the Playful Creative Summit, Creativity Activator and Weapon of Mass Creation for their 2021 edition. I’m doing a terrible job of introducing his opinions. Search him up instead.


David knows we need a creative revolution and views creativity as the defining characteristic of human beings. And believes we’re reaching a stage of technical sophistication where we can “give up” many more mundane, tedious jobs, from washing the laundry with a machine to AI, to use our creativity to apply ourselves to significantly more critical challenges such as climate change. If we’re disconnected from our creativity, we’re disempowered from living our fullest possible lives, fearfully stuck in black-and-white thinking. So give yourself mandated time for creativity, set it aside at least once a week. Purposely: prime yourself by writing out some problem you want to solve, or read up on something puzzling you; set the appointment with yourself at a time when you’re usually productive. Trust the process, and understand that the results aren’t always going to be polished.


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