A Debt to Pay Forward – An Organizer’s Tale of Woe

If anyone ever tries to tell you that I, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer(R), Founder and Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, am always organized – he’s lying. And so begins my yarn, and earns me a debt to pay forward.

My son is a teenager. My sister warned me that I wouldn’t be able to keep enough food in the house, and I’m still caught ham-fisted at how often I quickly need to restock. And so, when I’ve run out of pots, dishes, forks and food, take-out is my friend. Ezell’s is a bosom buddy – a BFF for you modernists.

Just so today, when my young T. Rex with a head cold finally admitted to being hungry looooooooooooooong after lunch, Ezell’s it was. “Who needs to carry the whole purse?” I say to myself as I head out the door. I stand in line. I order enough food to last 1/2 a meal for me and the gaping maw: one pound of tenders, four extra rolls, an extra regular mac & cheese and a jumbo mashed potatoes. Reach into my wallet, the only accessory on me and speedily discover I’ve left my credit card in that purse I didn’t need. “Wait! Cancel that order!!” I shout as I prepare to sprint out the door, get home, get the card and come back. Only to hear “I’ve got it.” from behind me.

We had a far-ranging conversation, this open-handed stranger and I, once I got over my awful embarrassment. I promised I’ll find a way to pay it forward. What would you suggest?



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