Labor of Love – Depot Park Everett WA

I’m making it a habit to find sustenance, even if only in 15 minute bursts. Not food, although I was inconsolably disappointed to be hot-dog-less on National Hot Dog Day. Parks, music, coffee breaks with friends. Spontaneous art projects meaning ridiculously simple stuff like restringing a necklace.

Whiling away time between clients and in search of a waterfront park in Everett – a client lives in earshot of seals and I’ve been eager to see them – I stumbled on tiny, entrancing Depot Park, 2900 Bond Street, Everett, WA 98201-3902, tenderly grown by by volunteers as diverse as the Everett Theater Society, The Northwest Gardner, Everett City Parks & Office of Neighborhoods, Amtrak, RTA, WALP, WSU Cooperative Extension and the Port of Everett. And great praise goes to BNSF Railways, which allows the park on the grounds of a recycled depot – now BNSF office space. And BNSF volunteers are particularly active in maintaining this exquisite haven for elves and fairies – yes, it has that appeal. I couldn’t get to the seals from the park, but it was OK: I could almost see the fairies. I’ll update this post with a photo sometime or else. Because if I don’t get a chance to get back to this park, I’ll never be quite the same – I have to get back to Brigadoon. And I still have to find the seals.

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