Donating Stuff for Kids

Just today, a client asked for ways to donate stuff for kids to kids. I love a good challenge, so…. (these are just a few)


Child’s Play Charity supports children in hospitals by providing gaming opportunities to those pediatric patients in creative, generous ways.

Hospitals, for example Seattle Children’s, might be able to take toys.

LEGO Replay, through LEGO, accepts your loose bricks, through a pre-paid mail-back program, and donates them to multiple partners.

Pass the Bricks also distributes LEGO bricks.

There is of course Toys for Tots.

But what do you do with the big stuff – the train tables, the swing sets??? Get creative. Your local preschool might need them. A YWCA or Boys & Girls Club might be expanding. Know a house of worship that’s got a playground that’s a bit bare?

Some items are just plain difficult – strollers, car seats, other “breakable” things. They have expiration dates, there are concerns about whether they’ve been in accidents, or have been contaminated with chemicals that a child might react to. Private exchanges, such as through BuyNothing or FreeCycle communities, might be an effective way to give these items to others. I stumbled on Target’s car seat trade-in program 15 years too late. There may be others.

Children’s furniture – cribs, changing tables and such – might be candidates for furniture banks or agencies which furnish transitional housing, such as Mary’s Place. But you have to do your homework: call, ask, learn how the donation is accomplished. OR… you can ask for help from one of my favorite people on the planet – John Stromberg, owner of Happy Hauler, who is FIERCELY  dedicated to taking away materials for his clients which he then offers as donation to all sorts of non-profits as often as possible. I believe John and his staff even itemize your stuff as it leaves your premises.






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