Eastside Friends of Seniors – a wonderful charity

I give talks throughout the Puget Sound Region. Everything about my job is my favorite activity, except for the occasional bruise or mouse dropping, but the talks really are one of my highlights. They keep me thinking about best practices and I learn as much from my guests as they might from me.

My guests, and my clients for that matter, constantly point me to charities. It’s often easier to let go of something you value if you give it to a less impersonal recipient than The Big G. Don’t get me wrong – I think Goodwill is one of the best-run, most deservedly successful non-profits in the world. But many people want to have a more solid connection to the place which is getting something they loved.
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One of my guests taught me about Eastside Friends of Seniors

I think it is absolutely FABULOUS that this is an almost entirely volunteer-dependent agency.


Another of my guests taught me my favorite way of teaching people to let their things go: “I like/liked this. Now someone else can.” Thank you, Gini, my best-ever attendee.



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