Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog is a source for techniques which may help some people organize their creative thinking in a manner which will help them use it more productively. It is a book which advocates common-sense time management habits. Some examples are: write checklists of your tasks; start, first thing in your working day, on your hardest task of the day; break all projects down into small, manageable segments. But this book is an “Of Course You Can” book: there is little guidance in this book about how to determine why, so far, you haven’t used all these so-sensible tips and tricks. If you could easily accomplish the tips and tricks, you might not be reading this book in the first place. This book has a place in a collection of books.  Start with Cindy Glovinsky, Judith Kolberg, Julie Morgenstern, and Gail Blanke, then read Eat That Frog to refine the wisdom you’ve gained.


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