Endorsement and Non-Profits

It’s disheartening, but I have to retract my endorsement of a non-profit named Missy’s Rescue because bad press it is receiving is disturbing. The sources of the information are credible, the history of troubling activities dates back 10 years, and for my satisfaction, that’s enough. I have to have only above-reproach recipients for my clients’ donations. I can’t in good conscience continue sending anyone to a place under suspicion. I just wish I’d known much sooner. Sometimes no amount of due diligence is enough. But my conscience is now also nagging me “Was my diligence enough?” Unhappy ending to a great day.


I think the question I’ve asked myself is a good one: sometimes I react to a place on a very emotional level and don’t necessarily stop to double-check enough after that. Putting the breaks on isn’t bad. Missy’s Place, the first time I went in, had an adorable prairie dog or hedghog rescue. I think the fact that I couldn’t imagine many places rescuing exotics colored my response.

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