Finding Joe

Just when I thought it was safe to believe that it’s getting warmer… it snows. And so yet again I took refuge under the covers. My son’s school is studying A Hero’s Journey, the soul-searing premise formulated by Joseph Campbell, a Professor at Sarah Lawrence College from 1934 – 1972, that all myths from all cultures, and the stories of all faiths, trace back to one thematic cycle, the mono-myth, which contains profound messages for us about fear, trial, discovery, courage, triumph and change – our ability to accept and grow from challenges. A Hero's Journey Joseph CampbellThe diagram to the left is an extremely simple version of the concept. My son’s school urged parents to watch Finding Joe, a documentary about Joseph Campbell’s observations. I am boundlessly glad that I did. Finding Joe illustrated Campbell’s life-work with an unpretentious, simple and unthreatening style. The producers achieved their aims: the film left me wanting to learn more about Professor Campbell and left me with hope. Campbell’s work echoes many of Brene Brown‘s principles, which I found startling, and affirming, and led me to wonder how familiar she is with his materials. I hope I get a chance to ask her.

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