Finding the Fantastic

I am thankful every single day for my clients. They teach me funny, facing fear, the fantastic and fabulous. I’m immeasurably wealthier for the I-don’t-have-enough-words-to-describe-it-all knowledge and wisdom they share with me. If I didn’t have a confidentiality clause in my contract, I’d be shouting “THANK YOU” from the observation deck of the Space Needle to the client who taught me about The Slow Mo Guys, scientists – usually, artists – often, comedians – definitely, fascinating – unquestionably. I’ve watched three of their 100+ videos, and am already sure I could watch Breaking Youtube with Slow Mo Glitter on an endless loop for the rest of my life and cover my walls with their stills (hint, guys, PLEASE start selling stills.). I refuse to spoil it for anyone by explaining exactly what they do. Just go click on the YouTube link. Might not be for you, for any number of reasons. But that’ll be OK.


Find your fantastic. Find that something that makes you exhale “Oooooooooohhh.” Fireworks, music, art glass, a certain breed of cat – (Abyssinians and Somalis are my weakness, if I were ever going to get a purebred as opposed to a plain-old alley cat rescue), throwing pots, growing gardens… WHATEVER it is, find it. You’ll know when you find “right,” inextricably exciting and relaxing, intriguing and ever-so-slightly intimidating. It’ll feel great. And then cherish it whenever you can. The Slow Mo Guys are absolutely going to be my #1 go-to must-see never-grow-old pick-me-up OR calm-me-down. I am dazzled.

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