Games that Don’t “Waste” Time

Games that don’t waste time. Well, first off, no game wastes time – play never wastes time. For children, it is a critical mechanism for learning, as The Hechinger Report article Twenty-six studies point to more play for young children suggests. Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of The National Institute for Play, confirms the value of adult playfulness (Why It’s Good for Grown-Ups to Go Play, Jennifer Wallace, Washington Post Health & Science, May 20, 2017) as a means for fostering community, exercising our minds and promoting relaxation.


But, can you take that a step farther? YES. There are game apps designed to encourage productivity, for example by letting you earn points as you check items off that crushing to-do list. I’m not familiar with ANY of them, won’t pretend to try to rate them, explain any of them individually, or claim I’ll EVER EVER use them – honestly, YUCK. BUT BUT BUT I have clients who thrive with them. So take Jennifer Allen’s Mar 7, 2018 ReviewGeek piece These 5 Apps Turn Your To-Do List and Productivity Into a Game as a starting point, and have fun.

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