Getting Out of Your Way and Into Your Story – Marloes ten Kate

In a word, Marloes ten Kate teaches excitement. In particular, through her company Scientific Storytelling, she teaches people how to translate difficult, data-rich content into structures which people can easily understand – stories. Her primary clients are scientists, and her unique set of skills – actor, biologist, science journalist – certainly match her to them. David Chislett, her interviewer during the Playful Creative Summit, was surprised when she identified scientists as creative, but she reminded him that: (1) all people are creative; (2) the drive to discover is creative.


But really, truly, anyone can use her techniques. We are wired for stories, as How Stories Change the Brain,  Paul J. Zak, Greater Good Science Center, December 17, 2013 explains. Look to fairy tales for inspiration, make up stories for no reason just to practice, learn the elements of a well-told story. There’s more, but these are great starts. And give up trying for perfection!


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