Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity

Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity

David Allen’s system is incredibly simple. But it is also powerful and takes discipline. He makes a very persuasive argument for his technique, which pared down to its absolute essentials is: “WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN AND DATE THE NOTES!!!” Which, did I mention, takes discipline? And practice. What makes Allen’s command unique is his process for taking that piece of copier paper, torn-out journal page, restaurant napkin or whatever other “container” came to hand and making sure it doesn’t get lost, literally or figuratively. And that’s also where the discipline comes in. And practice, practice, practice. Did I mention it isn’t easy at first? Don’t just start writing things down and hoping for the best. Especially if you like to write things down anyway, read this book, more than once if you need to, and slowly and carefully start building Allen’s advice into your already-begun habits. If you don’t like to write things down, Allen might change your mind.

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